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Taylor Swift: The Story of Us @BSPG

I am delighted to see an exciting new book, "Taylor Swift - The Story of Us," by Caitlin Robson, is to be published by The Black Spring Press Group. You can pre-order it here, with surprising gifts: Pre-order link.

I am fortunate to have my "Moon Creek" poetry collection published by the same esteemed publisher, The Black Spring Press Group, based in the heart of London, UK. Though not large, they are a top publisher in the poetry market segment, with a long history of celebrating brilliant women writers and poets, from Anaïs Nin to Carolyn Cassady, Jan Owen, and Lana Citron.


Cate Myddleton-Evans, the Managing and Poetry Editor, was a wonderfully humble and brilliant editor for "Moon Creek." She graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in English Literature, writing her final dissertation on William Blake. She wrote the blurb on the back of my "Moon Creek":In these exquisite, delicate, succinct poems Susanna Enso Huang shines a light on the natural world with precision and wonder. Her writing draws on traditions of Chinese poetry, presenting a world where Sun, Moon and Wind are alive and interacting uniquely with each leaf, blade of grass and tiny flower. These poems are a breath of fresh air, undemanding yet attentive, and may remind some of William Blake’s vision “to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. To order "Moon Creek" in Europe, Click Here. It is also available on Amazon worldwide.

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