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Nature Meditations:
Walking into Sunshine
at Moon Creek

Moon Creek Poetry by SusannaEnso

About Me

"Lovely. Magical." - Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author

Moon Creek is a real little creek flowing behind a stone house surrounded by pine trees.

  During the pandemic, my scope of activities was reduced to the village where I live. I often went out for a walk, through the tree-line boulevard, towards the tranquil pond in the woods.

  I walked through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. All my emotions, such as happiness, sadness, disappointment etc., all dissipated during the walks.

  At work, my mind was running like a high-speed machine. While walking in the woods, I could hear my inner voices singing in silence.

  The mysterious veil of the World was lifted before my eyes. Everything in front of my eyes was so beautiful and fresh, like dewdrops on the small red berries in the morning.

I saw     the ordinary flowers on the roadside gleaming in the Sun;

I saw     the branches of a big tree dancing excitedly in the storm;

I saw     a bird standing under the tree near the little pond in the rain;

I saw    the autumn leaves spreading out into a rainbow carpet;

I saw    a crystal snowflake shining in the snow;

I saw    the clouds changing into the shapes of dragon and phoenix;

I saw   the reflection of the setting Sun whispering to the small tranquil pond…

The emotions flowing from my heart day and night have turned into the long and short sentences in this Moon Creek poetry.

  Since childhood, we have been taught how to make a living, but seldom we do learn how to Be Happy.

  On a winter’s day, I saw the laps of my daughter’s footprints on the small pond covered with ice and snow. I realized that our happiness could be lost unknowingly in the day-to-day “circle of footprints” of making a living. If we could walk back to the warm heart covered in “ice and snow”, we could meet happiness again.

  Books have opened a wonderful spiritual world for me one after another, warming me and comforting me.

 My intention is very simple. The World is so big, there will always be readers who could see a small corner of the Magical World through my eyes.

Maybe, you are sitting in front of the window with a coffee in one hand and this book in another.

Maybe, you are lying comfortably on the green grass, with this book spread in front of you.

For a moment, everything around quietly disappears…


When you come out of the book, you may be able to

see the tiny little flowers on the side of the road in full bloom,

hear the birds sing over the treetops,

feel the breeze blowing across your cheeks, and

see the white clouds in the sky changing shapes.


This is Your Happiness. It is also My Happiness.

I am grateful to meet Me in this book and meet You in the Moon Creek. 

Susanna Enso

Green Leaves

Editor Notes for Moon Creek

By Black Spring Press Group (Link)

In these exquisite, delicate, succinct poems Susanna Enso Huang shines a light on the natural world with precision and wonder. Her writing draws on traditions of Chinese poetry, presenting a world where Sun, Moon and Wind are alive and interacting uniquely with each leaf, blade of grass and tiny flower. These poems are a breath of fresh air, undemanding yet attentive, and may remind some of William Blake’s vision “to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower”.

Design Book
My Books

Susanna Enso Huang is a transformational educator, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a recognized global management consultant. She is a Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer coached by Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times best-selling author. She is the founder of Green Energy Village LLC and the brand strategist of Enso Circle Space for business education.

Moon Creek Poetry, an immersive Nature Meditation poetry collection, is a nature walk that awakens your souls and connects you deeply to the beauty and mystery of the natural world. It inspires you to forge deeper connections with nature, to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower, fostering a sense of harmony, introspection, and reverence for the environment. Moon Creek Poetry Collection aims to kindle a collective appreciation for the intricate beauty of nature, guiding readers on a transformative journey toward inner peace, mindfulness, and a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of all life forms on our planet.

'Moon Creek' at Blackwell's Bookshop: Yes, you read that right! Our cherished collection has made its way to the shelves of Blackwell's Bookshops. Blackwell's isn't just any bookstore; it's a cornerstone in the literary world. Since its inception in 1879, Blackwell's of Oxford has been a leader in academic and specialist bookselling in the UK, celebrated globally. To know more about Blackwell's extraordinary legacy, I encourage you to explore here.


A Personal Connection: As a former Electrical Engineer, the history of Blackwell's holds special significance for me. The year 1879 was not only pivotal for Blackwell's but also for the world, as Thomas Edison introduced the first lightbulb. Just as that technology invention brought light to our lives, Blackwell's was illuminating minds in Oxford. To be part of this storied legacy, with "Moon Creek" nestled among the works of distinguished authors, is nothing short of a dream come true.


"Lovely. Magical."

"The beauty of Susanna Enso’s poetry will transport you to a magical world where time slows, and nature takes center stage. It’s a poignant reminder to take pause in this fast-paced world of ours to literally stop and smell the roses."

- Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's SoulWith book sales of more than 16 million copies worldwide in 33 languages, Marci Shimoff is one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time.

Ever since mankind got on the modern “trains”, four seasons are passing by, like the light, the shadows, and the hazy colors roaring passing the windows.  In the passing twenty plus months, although mankind has experienced the most serious epidemic in modern times, but the only benefit is probably that, many of us could slow down. We could get off the “trains”, to immerse into the nature of four seasons, and to appreciate their unique beauty for the first time or again. In these poems, Susanna Enso uses her words and visual images, to share her experience with us. You would often resonate with these poems, when you open the “Moon Creek” in your leisure time." 

- Gang Li, Accenture Consulting, Boston Massachusetts

Moon Creek Poetry Collection from SusannaEnso is now available worldwide for ordering.

Pauline Rohdich.jpeg

Life Coach Speaker

Pauline Rohdich

Just Pause Author


"In Moon Creek, Susanna takes you on an intimate journey through the seasons. It’s a nature walk that awakens your soul and connects you deeply to the beauty and mystery of the natural world. I felt like I was in a meditative trance as I absorbed her words and envisioned their imagery."

Pauline Rohdich is also the best selling author of Just Trust, Ireland.

John Duffy.jpeg

The Spiritual Seeker

John Duffy

.Author, Poet, Director

United Kingdom

"Such tender serenity. 

Beautifully designed and delivered.

Wonderfully composed and expressed. Bravo."

Meet John Duffy, Managing Director at ASY Productions, Author, Poet, Casting Director @, Songwriter, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur.

Holly Lasky.jpeg

Business Professional and International Speaker
Holly Lasky
Leadership Master Coach

San Francisco, CA, USA


​“Moon Creek by Suanna Enso Huang is an intimate, marvelous journey in mindfulness. This work of art allows the reader to savor the wonder of nature, in all seasons. The artistic placement of each word, just like a Zen garden, gives the reader space to breathe. It is an invitation to leave judgment behind and allow thoughts, feelings and perceptions to simply…be.  Whether reading in the current season, or the seasons almost here, this is a meditation and homage to the beauty of Moon Creek. You will want to return again and again to be transformed, fully present and refreshed by Moon Creek."

Eric Wentworth.jpeg

Creative Director

Eric Wentworth

Author & Award-winning Marketing Professional 

San Francisco, CA, USA

"Enso’s evocative and lyrical poems paint emotional pictures with her keen word play. It’s poetry on the edge of creation, as elusive as a mirage and at the same time universally human and personal in its familiarity. The words stay with you long after you’ve read them. And each time you read them, they take on new nuances of meaning and charm you with their beauty."

Meet Eric Wentworth, the award-winning Swiss Army Knife of marketing communications, an author of four books, including A Mindful Career, A Plan for Life, Secret Lives, and A Mindful Workplace. He is also Marketing Director for Wentworth Executive Recruiting and Co-founder of

Laurel Barron.jpeg

Poetic Lauraceae

Laurel Barron

Poet, Writer and Private Attorneys-Trustee

Burbank, CA, USA

"The mother’s eyes of Susanna Enso Huang with her words have lined the stage of “emotional imagination”. The romanticism of poetry understanding the sensory details of the expressions of “deep feelings”. Where in her eyes the light shines the world peering through a veil of seasons in change. In appreciation from Poets like Percy Bysshe Shelley, who said “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be, as if they were not familiar.” When an experience in time spent with nature shares bonds of family making footprints and snow angels. This union, between humanity, self-discovery and nature lay the stage into a wonderful magical world the world of Moon Creek. With a grateful heart I recommend Enso Huang’s “Moon Creek” a beautifully written light heart of poetry."

Ida Abdalkhani.jpeg

Global Speaker

Ida Abdalkhani

 International Award-Winning CEO

Columbus, OH, USA

"Susanna takes us on an adventure of the senses in Moon Creek. For those seeking to connect more to their environment, Susanna’s descriptive imagery helps one imagine they are part of the journey, as if on the their own nature walk."

Meet Ida Abdalkhani, International Award-Winning CEO, 7x Patents| Cannabis Advisor| Happiness Coach, PBS Consultant, Podcast Host, Exec Board, TEDx Speaker, Global Speaker, University Professor , Author, Laughter Yogi

Eric Wentworth A Plan for Life.jpg
Olga Reym.jpeg

The Young Environmentalist

Olga Reym

Programs Director 


"I recently had the pleasure of reading the 'moon creek' collection of poems by Susanna Enso Huang and it was an incredibly heartwarming experience. The poems cover four seasons and I could see the ever changing process of life as Susanna took me through her vivid visions in an effortless blend of simplicity and depth. From the gentle whispers of spring's awakening to the vibrant bursts of color in summer, the earthy, golden hues of autumn, and the serene stillness of winter's embrace, every season is brought to life with her warm touch. This book is an invitation to connect with the beauty of the world and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be reminded of the magic of the seasons. It's a work that will stay in your thoughts and inspire you to be outside more and re-introduce yourself to the wonder of nature in all her beauty."

Mike Martines.jpg

Wellness Professional

Mark A. Martinez

Owner, PMA Real Estate

Chicago, IL, USA

"Susanna Enso Huang’s book, Moon Creek, brings a smile to my heart, as it transforms me to see the beauty of life. Looking forward to reading it over and over again."

Tree Roots

Zen Practioner

Peter Dr Lim

Retired Economist

Victoria, Australia

"It’s such a delight to read the poetry of Susanna Huang's. The reader is ushered into a magical world — a world of wonder, beauty, grace, innocence and infinite charm. Her poetry speaks of love, hope, optimism, humanism and sheer joie de vivre. In a world of tedium and ennui, reading Huang’s poems elevates us to a transcendental height as we leave the dross of life behind. The imagery in her poetry is evocative and amazingly beautiful. There’s some kinship to that of Tang and Sung Dynasty poems'—beauty and profundity in such brevity of language The undertones are also reminiscent of Haiku and Senyru's. Readers of whatever age will find Huang’s poetry an endless joy and delight."      



Sudhasri Kuruvada

MBA Candidate

Telangana, India

"Naturally knitted every word as Tagore. You are Creek the Nature naturally. Keep reading poetry loud. It brings positivity to the Outer World also. Thank you. 

You begin new era in poetry. Keep it up.

Your words astonishing when listening while you read. Melodious voice like your poetry. You are Nature."

Lisa Springer.jpg

Music Professional

Lisa Springer

Conductor and Teacher

Columbus, Ohio, USA

"A delightful collection of poems, beautifully written and with such tenderness as to bring peace to the readers."

Edward Rodney Couple.jpeg

The Environmental Advocate

Mr. Edward Rodney (Rod) Adcox Ms. Bonnie J. Flach

Poets, Photographers

San Diego, CA

"I love poetry from those that live in the East, I find it is generally (but not all) more spiritual and less materialistic that those of us in the west. I like your poems."

Discover Edward and Bonnie, environmental advocates who are sealife and wildlife photographers, environmentalists, PADI scuba dive masters, poets, authors, and writers.

Logistic Associate Adrien_edited.jpg

Poetry Lover

Adrian Batts

Logistic Assistant

Virginia, USA

"I see your soft fullness, venting your peacefulness shared, your comforting beauty compared too be dared. Poem enlightening. In a world/era so stressful, argumentative, unkind, one can only be appreciative of a poem clear and brings peace of mind..."

White lotus in a lake
Moon Creek Book Signing Event Are you really finding peace in the chaos? So, you tell me? What they forgot about is the power of poetry.
Nov 04, 2023, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Barnes & Noble Sawmill,
3685 W Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43235, USA
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